Piano lessons


  • Suitable for Early beginner – Beginner Levels.
  • Ages: 4-11
  • Learning 1-on-1 with teacher, so each student can progress at their own speed and get individualised lesson time.
  • Playing and practicing together, having fun and learning the skills of group music.
  • Making new music friends.
  • Very exciting concert at the end of each term.


  • Suitable for Early Beginner -Advance levels or Exam students
  • Ages: 5+
  • Playing 1-on-1 and practicing with teacher, having fun and focusing on student’s weaknesses and goals.


At Wunderkinds Piano We also prepare students who are keen and committed to sit AMEB examination. AMEB qualifications are recognised across Australia and internationally.
AMEB grade 1 piano is a big hurdle, and it takes most children 1.5 to 2 years to get there, even longer if the child started before age 6. Afterwards, a grade per year is typical, with practice slowly increasing to about 2 hours/day when preparing for grade 8.


 Wunderkinds Piano also provide young students with performance opportunities, such as our annual recitals, allowing your children to blossom into true pianists.

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