About us

How we teach PIANO and MUSIC THEORY?

  • We teach students not only how to play the piano, but to read music fluently and to speak the language of music so they can communicate it through their performances.
  • Our students learn to be independent musicians, which increases their self-confidence not only in music, but in other areas of their lives.
  • Technology is a valuable tool that our students and we use to enhance the learning experience in a variety of ways (music learning apps, lessons via Zoom and FaceTime, using videos for self-evaluation, and much more).
  • Students in our studio have the opportunity to study a wide variety of musical styles, and we teach everything from Classical to Pop to Contemporary, the Blues, duets, and more.

Piano Recital:


Kristine: “Many friends recommended me to try this place and We absolutely love sending our kids here for Piano lessons. Compare to other music school that they joined before, we are so impressed that our kids ’s piano skill have improved much quicker when they are learning with Tyna & Julia. The most important thing is they enjoy Piano very much now. We highly recommend this place.”

Vy: ” I have enrolled for my little girl to join the piano class for two terms and we are very happy with the teaching program of Wunderkinds. My kid really enjoys the lesson and she adores her teacher so much. Teachers are friendly, kind and patient.”

Martin Clay: “My Child start learning Piano with teacher Julia here- very experienced & kind teacher. It is good place for kids to learn music. Highly recommended.”

Kristine D: “My daughter really enjoys learning piano with Tyna..She is a wonderful teacher and patient. I would recommend Wunderkind Piano to parents who would like their kids to learn piano.”

Jim: “My 5 years old son really enjoys leanring piano at Tyna’ place- wunderkinds piano. Its such a lovely and talent teacher. teacher is so kind & nice to the young kids. Love the way she uses technology like ipad to help the kids learn music realy fun and easy. I recommend this place for young students.”

Widya: “My son was improved a lot and can play many songs since he learnt in Wunderkind. I’m satisfied with his progress, the teachers are good and passionate in music. highly recommended!”

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