• Group Piano Lessons for Preschool (4-5 years old)
  • Private Piano Lessons for young beginners (5+ years old)
  • Private Piano Lessons for Adults beginners
  • Private Piano Lessons for Intermediate/Advanced students
  • AMEB preparation courses

We accept learners from 4 years old, however, children need to know numbers from 1-5 and letters from A_G.

The whole purpose of lessons is to make sure that learning piano is fun and easy for young learners. Lessons are tailored to students’ musical goals and interests.

At Wunderkinds Piano We also prepare students who are keen and committed to sit AMEB examination. AMEB qualifications are recognised across Australia and internationally. Beginners need to learn the basic skills (2-3 years) before enrolling in the exams.

Private lessons (one on one)

Lessons range from 30 minutes for  young students, 45 minutes -60 minutes for intermediate_ advanced levels.

Lessons will typically involve a variety of tasks including technical work, review of the previous week’s tasks, new repertoire pieces, improvisation, aural and sight-reading work.

Theory is frequently integrated into the practical lesson at the piano and may be given as homework.

Group lessons: (small group of 2-5 students)
45 minute group lessons are suitable  young beginners (4-5 years old).

We aim to take young children on a magical journey where they acquire the piano skills, keyboard awareness, and rhythmic understanding needed for a successful future at the piano.

All lessons are geared toward having young children understand everything they will need to know before learning to read notated music.

Students will learn symbol-to-sound recognition, practice finger, independence and coordination, improve aural awareness, play long sounds and short sounds on black keys,  play sounds moving higher and lower, and learn math skills to assist musical understanding.

Annual Piano Recital: Wunderkinds Piano also provide young students with performance opportunities, such as our annual recitals, allowing your children to blossom into true pianists.