We teach classical and contemporary styles at our studio. The whole purpose of lessons is to make sure that learning piano is fun and easy. Lessons are tailored to students’ musical goals and interests.

We accept learners from 5 years old, however, children need to know numbers from 1-5 and letters from A -G.

A FREE pre-assessment session will be held for every new student who enrols in Wunderkinds Piano to analyze his or her strengths, learning styles, and interests. It will then determine the student’s entry level, goals, and the lessons will be planned accordingly.

Private lessons (1 on 1 piano lessons):
For children under 10, lessons are generally 30 minutes in duration and for older children 45 or 60 minute lessons are recommended. Weekly lessons and daily practice are strongly encouraged.

Group piano lessons:
60 minute lessons for students under 10 and 45 minute lessons for pre-school students.

Lessons also cover theory lessons. Music theory is the study of how music works. Some elements of music are rhythm, harmony,melody, structure and texture. Music theory can help musicians learn new techniques, perform unfamiliar styles of music,and develop the confidence in performing.

Annual Piano Recital: Wunderkinds Piano also provide students with performance opportunities, such as our annual recitals, allowing your children to blossom into true pianists.

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