Preschool Piano Lessons

Building The Foundation For A Lifetime Of Music

Learners are accepted from the ages of 4, however, children need to know numbers from 1-5 and letters from A_G as we teach our students to be able to READ MUSIC SCORES and PLAY PIANO. The whole purpose of lessons is to make sure the process of learning piano is fun and easy for young learners.

 The needs of preschool children are different than that of their older piano-playing peers. Preschoolers depend on a carefully-constructed, scaffolded approach to learning where foundational skills are mastered using a variety of teaching methods. These foundational skills then form the basis for all future learning. Lessons are exciting and varied. We will be on and off the piano bench exploring musical concepts, playing duets, engaging in game-based learning, and using hands-on methods to reinforce early music concepts.

When your child begins Kindergarten, the foundational skills for reading are introduced in the form of letter recognition, letter-to-sound understanding, phonics, sight words and then simple, repeating sentences. Along the way, children are exposed to the rhythms and patterns of language as adults read to them and spend countless hours engaging in a variety of activities designed to increase comfort in these early reading skills. Through repetition, a multi-sensory environment, and time, foundational skills are built before a child can read independently with success. Before reading musical notation independently, your child will learn the concepts that form the framework for understanding how to read notes on the staff and will develop an aural awareness through the exploration of concepts such as high and low sounds, long and short sounds, one-to-one correspondence, musical patterns, and directional movement. Along the way, your kid will be exposed to the rhythms and patterns of music through carefully-constructed rhythm activities and teacher duets. Through repetition, a multi-sensory environment, and time, these foundational skills will lead to young kids reading and playing music independently.


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