2020 -2021 Lesson Fees:

Payment per Term: 10 weeks

(Lessons which fall on public holidays will be rescheduled)

  • 45 minute Group: $250/Term
  • 30 minute Private: $350/Term
  • 45 minute Private: $500/Term
  • 60 minutes Private: $700/Term
  • 60 minutes Private (Advance level):$800/Term



  • Full term fees are paid in advance, before the first lesson of each term. Half -term payment for Term 3 and 4 of year 2020 are acceptable.
  • Music sheets and assignment are provided. The teachers will suggest extra books and other resources which can be purchased through the studio or music stores.
  • As a Registered Creative Kids Provider, You are eligible to claim $100 off per child, per calendar through service NSW. 


  • Tuition fees are non_refundable/credited. Full fees still apply if a child is absent due to illness or a family holidays.
  • One make-up lesson will be provided per term if students have given 24 hours notice before your lesson time.
  • Make-up will be provided if lessons fall on public holidays or cancelled by teachers.


  • Student or Teacher not to attend if unwell.
  • Drop -off only. Only students can enter classroom.
  • Students are encouraged to attend class regularly, be on time and follow home practice routine.
  • No responsibility will be taken before or after the class scheduled start and finish times. Children must not be left unattended.
  • Lessons are conducted during school holidays and attendance are optional for on-going students. Costs will be charged by the number of reserved lessons.
  • Permission is given to photograph, film, or video students to be used for studio publicity, memorabilia or website.

Leave of Absence/Discontinuance:

If your child must miss lessons for than 5 weeks but wish to continue as a student, you may choose from two options:

  1. Discontinue, then re-enrol upon your return. Re-enrolment is subject to availability.
  2. Reserve your class time by continuing to pay tuition and committing to stay on track with assignments. Online lessons during the absence may be available to assist you.

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